Viewing Annotation

I am having an issue viewing my annotations.After typing my note I can not view it. Any suggestions?

Hi @stevesimos96!

Can you post a screenshot what you do see?



Not sure if or how my laptop can take a screenshot of the page but I can tell you that I can only see the highlighted quote from the text. I can not see the note I put with the quote.

If you mouse over the highlight what happens?

Nothing happens, but if I click the highlight, that quote expands on the side of the text, but not the comment. If I right click it I can edit the comment, but when I input any text it still doesn’t show up.

Would you post the url of the document you’re looking at?

Sure, here it is

Hi Steve,
I’ll have to take a look at this in the morning.

No problem!

-Thank you

Happy to help. Sorry you’re having trouble!

Hi @stevesimos96 – our resident expert, @Schnepper says this sounds like trouble people have had using Lenovo touchscreen laptops – by any chance, is that what you’re using?

Hi Jamie,
No I am actually using a ASUS laptop. It is also touchscreen but I wasn’t using it while making the comments.

I was wondering if there is any update on that issue? I am still having problems annotating in text.I can only see the quote I highlighted and not the comment I wrote.

Hi @stevesimos96 , this issue is most likely due to your using touch capable laptop, which is being seen as a mobile device by the app. Do you have access to another machine that you could use to see if that works for you? Meantime, @Schnepper may be able to help out while I am off the grid…