Version 2.1.0 Released

Hi Folks,

Just in time for our winter workshop tomorrow, and thanks to the efforts of our Hyperstudio dev team, and to the practitioners who shape our roadmap, we’ve released version 2.1.0 of Annotation Studio and our data store, and we’ve upgraded our hosted version of the application.

Key new features:

  • Annotations can now be filtered in the sidebar based on tag
  • Documents can be made public, so no login is required to view them (reply to this topic if you’re interested)
  • Each subdomain on the hosted application is now branded to make it easier to figure out where you are.

There are other, minor enhancements, but those are the main ones. Please try it out, and let us know what you think!



How can documents be made public, so no login is required to view them? Please provide me with more detail about this topic.

Hi @dhiggins,

With the proper permissions, a user can check “public” on the document creation/editing form, to designate it as public.

Since that functionality introduces new possibilities of abuse, of copyright, etc, we have constrained the availability of that feature to administrators. For now in other words, we can do this for you, and as we build out more moderation features/capacities, we anticipate opening up the feature more broadly.

If you have a document you’d like to have me make public, send me the URL, and I will get it done for you!

(Sorry for the slow response, by the way. I was away on vacation, and am now back!)