Using Annotation Studio to support peer review

You can use Annotation Studio for peer review.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the register link

  3. Before completing your registration, enter a unique “Class” which you will share with your “reviewers” NOTE that you MUST hit the enter key in the Class field after typing the name of the class and before clicking Register:

  4. Once registered and signed in, click the New Document link on the dashboard.

  5. Upload your document, or copy/paste the text into the form.

  6. Click “published” under document status.

  7. Enter that same Class value in the document creation form, again, hitting enter after typing it and before clicking create.

  8. Inform your reviewers that they should do steps 2 and 3 in exactly the same way.

  9. Inform your reviewers that they can access your document by logging in and clicking the title from the list of assigned documents in the dashboard.

  10. Once they’re looking at the document, they can select text and add their comments by typing them into the annotation editor.

  11. They should be sure always to click the “Allow members of my groups to view this annotation”.

  12. When you want to see their comments, click the filter menu at top right (the “gears” icon), and select “Classes” from the menu that slides in from the right.

Try it out!