Uploaded texts are distorted

Hello All,

I am new to Annotation Studio and I am trying to upload some texts to potentially see if I could make use of the platform in my courses.

I have tried to upload a text a few different ways and each time it ends up badly distorted. The document itself is an OCR-ed PDF, but that comes out with terrible formatting issues – everything from typos to line-spacing.

Assuming that this was an error in the OCR process, I used Acrobat to turn the PDF into an MS-Word document. There are some errors in both the .doc and .rtf versions of the file, but far fewer than when I upload it to Annotation Studio. I used Word to correct some of the mistakes, but when I try to upload either the .doc/.rtf file or simply paste the corrected text into Annotation Studio, I am back to strange distortions.

Is there something I am doing wrong here? The file, which should be public, is called “A Report on my Husband.”

Thanks so much in advance for any and all help!


Hi @cclavey,

Thanks for reaching out. So you have a word doc which you’re happy with, correct? If so, when you upload, are the distortions you see related to formatting or content?

Either way, one step to try would be to save out that word file as a text file on your computer, and upload the resulting text file.

You will definitely have to add formatting back in after upload (possibly even line breaks) if you go this route, but you could be more confident of the content itself. Just be sure to check “draft” status on the document creation form, which will allow you to edit that content before publishing for annotation.

You could try copy/paste from the text file into the document form too to see if that works better. Let me know how you do.



Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my delay in getting back to you. I reasoned that, unfortunately, it was an issue with the OCR and didn’t have anything to do with Annotation Studio. (I say unfortunately because it meant that I had to go through and correct the texts by hand!)

Thanks for your help – I have actually posted another question.


Hi @cclavey,

I appreciate the update – it may help others with similar issues.

I will have a look at your other question.