Unable to create groups

Is the Group creation functionality not working as of yet? I am not able create groups (though I get a “You updated your account successfully” message).

Thanks for your question! The Group creation functionality is absolutely working. Let me ask you a question: after you type in your group name in the Group field, do you hit enter? The Group name should appear like a blue tag with an “X” at the end. If it doesn’t and it doesn’t appear after you click the update button, it’s because you didn’t hit enter after typing in the Group name. When I find groups I created have not yet appeared, that’s usually the reason why.

Thanks, Rachel – exactly correct. Groups are created by adding them to documents, and/or to your user profile. Let us know if you continue to have trouble, Lucas!

Ah-- ok. Enter created the Group. Thank you both!

Is there any way to manage the groups? Invite members, see who’s joined, etc? Or is that only discernible at the document level?

Great question. For now, not really. Anyone can add/remove Class Groups on any documents they create, and add/remove Class and Working groups to his/her own profile. Documents and Users need only share a group value and both are in that group. We know this is a needed feature, and will be adding it soon, so your thoughts would be welcome on how you’d like that to work. Thanks!