Sorry we could not seach the store for annotations

I’m getting close! - thanks to MWidner - but must be missing something…

Hi Louis,

Good to hear from you! That’s an error thrown by the Annotator, that would be explained by mismatched credentials between the data store API and the rails app (among other things).

I haven’t read through your other messages yet, but let me know if that helps. Also, thanks @mikewidner for helping out here!


that worked! many thanks!

Hi @ltaris

Great! Please feel free to let us know if/as you encounter other issues. We’d also be glad to hear how you’re using the tool, and if you have feature ideas, or are planning to modify it for your own use.



I actually work at Wheaton College in Norton, MA and one of our Hispanic studies
professors asked if I could get a local install of Annotation Studio up and running for him to pilot this fall.

He’d like his students to read, translate and then annotate some texts written in Spanish.

Anyway… thanks again for getting me started!

I’ll probably have more questions when I port this install from my laptop on to a new virtual.


@ltaris Great to hear about this. Definitely feel free to post here with questions/ideas, etc. Happy to help, and to hear about your experience as you go, on both deployment and pedagogy fronts. Thanks!