Release 1.6.0, Semantic Versioning and more

Dear Annotation Studio developers and implementors,

Just back from iAnnotate 2014, and energized by the conference, and by the many friends we connected with there. Thanks again to Dan, Peter, Hypothesis, and everyone else who made it happen.

A few updates. We’ve begun using semantic versioning for Annotation Studio, explained here: We chose 1.5.0 as the first release, based on it being 5 or so features since the first release.

Since then, Andrew Magliozzi and friends have added mobile/touch capabilities to the application, via the Annotator Touch plugin. This is a good example of what I think of as a feature, therefore merits a MINOR point release, and bumps the current release to 1.6.0. Thanks, Andrew!

The MIT Annotation Data Store node app and API remains at 1.5.0. All against which all releases of the application will be tested, and any release of the application which breaks compatibility with that version will receive at least a MINOR version or possibly a major version release.

I have also set up milestones on github for 1.7.0 and 1.8.0, which currently refer to image annotation and PDF import, respectively. That may change.

Those releases will be announced here, so please do sign up for this forum, ask questions here, float feature ideas here for discussion, etc.



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You’re welcome, Jamie. ~Andrew