Recycling texts from semester to semester, or year to year

Dear Jamie or Rachel,
I find that Annotation Studio is extremely valuable for my introductory French and francophone literature class. I will definitely use this tool the next time I teach the course and hope you can answer a few questions for me.

  1. Will I need to copy & paste (or upload) my texts each semester/year, or can I simply re-use the ones I currently have on the site, and simply add a new class name (I have not used the “group” function yet) so that the next class cannot/will not see the former’s annotations?

  2. In terms of the annotations my students have made this semester, is there a way to save them, or will they disappear at some point?

  3. I also wanted to confirm that PDF uploads do not work with Annotation Studio (is this true?).

Thank you both in advance!

Best regards,

Reposting @Schnepper’s response here.
Dear Jackie,

Thanks for your questions! We are glad to hear that you are finding Annotation Studio useful!

The answers to your questions are:

  1. You are exactly right about how to re-use a text. Simply add it to a new Class, and it is good to go. Don’t forget to add yourself to that Class too under “My Profile!”

  2. Annotations made do not disappear. No need to worry about that.

  3. We have very basic PDF upload functionality. It’s explained here:
    PDF Upload with v.2.0

If you have any further questions, please do let us know!