Public, Private, FERPA, domains

Hi -

Our experiments with Annotation Studio have been very positive. However, before we can use it extensively we have some concerns about privacy. Our university interprets FERPA rather strictly by defining ‘student records’ as any work students do. It appears that all work can easily be seen by anyone who remains in the ‘public’ group or by anyone who knows the name of a class (and those names are quite an easy thing to find here in the support area!) My questions then:

  1. Am I interpreting that right? If a document is published can it be easily seen?
  2. If a class name is known and the annotations are made viewable to the class can they be seen easily as well?
  3. In a support response (jamiefolsom, Mar 3, ‘cannot see others’ annotations…’) private subdomains were mentioned. Would that be a solution and if so can you tell me more?


  • Hope