Please log out and log back in!

Hi All,

We’ve made an adjustment to Annotation Studio to address an issue that required you to log out after a day of disuse before using the application.

Logging out and back in will give you a fresh session, and going forward, you will have to log in daily.

Please reply to this message if you have questions.



To be clear, I am asking users to log out of Annotation Studio, not the support forum! Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Some users are reporting that they are now not able to log into Annotation Studio. Based on a few of these reports, it appears that this problem is due to accounts not being confirmed.

In particular, previous to yesterday’s update, upon registration in Annotation Studio, you would be logged in for your convenience, and not logged out again (on that computer) for an extended period (if you checked “remember me”).

Since that’s no longer the case (login sessions now expire within 24 hours), people who did not confirm their accounts when they registered (days or weeks previously), would now be logged out and required to confirm their accounts before proceeding.

If you didn’t get the confirmation email or can’t find it, please click the link below the login box:

You will fill in your email address and submit, and when you receive the new email containing the confirmation link, click that and you should be able to log into the application.