PDF Upload with v.2.0

With the release of Annotation Studio 2.0, we have added very basic PDF functionality. But what does this mean for you?

By very basic PDF functionality, we mean you can upload PDFs that have a text layer. This does not mean that you can upload PDFs that have text. Just because a PDF has text in it, does not mean it has a text layer. It all depends on how the PDF was created.

For example, if your PDF is a MS Word document that you converted to PDF, it should upload pretty well.

If your PDF is a scan of a book chapter or other collection of documents, you will need to OCR it to create a text layer. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat, but you will need the full version, not just the (free) reader. You cannot upload PDFs of journal articles at this time.

It is important to note that our PDF upload at this time does not support the upload of images, videos, tables, or charts. You will need to have extracted these elements from your document before you upload it. You can, however, after you have uploaded the document, manually add back in these elements as long as you have kept the document in draft mode.