Move Discourse to Digital Ocean

Let me know if you have questions, [email protected]. Thanks!

Here I am!

This is an ancient release of Discourse, and I’ve never tried installing or managing a Discourse site on Heroku. It could be painful. :frowning: I’ll look into it tomorrow morning.

Thanks, Neil. Let me know. I will be available from noon EDT.

Awesome, thanks! And now we can update directly from within discourse, if I’m not mistaken?

That’s right. Go to and you’ll see the Upgrade Discourse button (after reloading a couple times).

OK, cool, and do we have direct access to the droplet (through a Digital Ocean account web console, or other DO interface, like a CLI)? I have not used DO before, but like the looks of it. Should I create an account, to which you can transfer the droplet, or are you going to manage the whole thing? Thanks.

Jeff will transfer the Digital Ocean account to you. He should do that shortly.

Superb. All around excellent experience for us. Many thanks. Feel free to refer people to us if they have questions about the service/quality, etc. And happy to offer a testimonial if you’re looking for any, both about the software and the service offering.

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@jamiefolsom To keep things sqeaky clean, I just updated you to latest Docker version, Discourse, and image. Enjoy!

Thanks [for doing this for us – everything in brackets just so the message is long enough]!