Invalid password when trying to make changes to profile

I am new to Annotation Studio, and am attempting to add classes. When I add the classes, and enter in my password, I receive an error:
1 error prohibited this user from being saved:
Current password is invalid

However, I’m using the same password I used when I signed up. I signed out and logged back in just to make sure I was entering the correct password. I still received the same error.

Can someone help with this?

Thank you.

Hi @KSol,

Glad to see you here on the support forum! I think I also just replied to your email, but if you don’t mind, let’s keep the conversation going here, because your questions are good ones, so the solutions will be useful to others.

Regarding the password issue you refer to here:

  • The trouble is that you need to type your existing password into the profile editing form when you add a class to your own profile.
  • If you’re still seeing that issue, try resetting your password by logging out and using the link circled in red on this screenshot:

Regarding the visibility of documents issue you referred to in your email:

  1. Are you accessing the app at If not, what’s the URL you’re using?
  2. Check which email address you used – if you created another account with another address and used that one to create the documents, you wouldn’t see them unless you share a class across both accounts.
  3. What is the name of the class you created?
  4. What is one of the documents you created?

With some of this information in hand, I should be able to help out further.


/cc @Schnepper