Instructor unable to see "All" tab in annotations sidebar

We have an instructor using Annotation Studio who has an admin account, but cannot see the “All” tab for annotations in the sidebar. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @mikewidner – is the user account in question a ‘User’ record with a role of ‘admin’, or an ‘AdminUser’ record? The latter would have no bearing on whether they see the “All” button, nor other permissions accorded to the admin role. This distinction is confusing I realize, but exists for a good reason. Let me know if that was the issue. Thanks!

How can I check if it’s a user record with the admin role? Keep in mind: this is the older branch of AS still. I’m working on migrating us to the newer version, but haven’t done so yet. Maybe there’s a db query I can run to check or update her status? Thanks.

Sure, I would use rails console and then user = User.find_by_email('[email protected]') \ user.roles That will spit out her roles. If she needs to be an admin, and that value is not in her roles array, you can add it, by doing user.set_roles = ['admin'] or user.set_roles = ['admin', 'other', 'roles', 'here'] then

Great. Thanks! That was it: she didn’t have the admin role. Was there no way to set that role upon account creation in the older version?

Hi @mikewidner, Great, glad that solved it. There’s no UI for setting roles except through the activeadmin (/admin) area.

Still seeing that extra http://?