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How about juxtaposition of images and text, to allow annotation of transcripts of images of manuscripts.

  • Image annotation.
  • PDF.
  • Filter, sort.
  • Exporting annotations in context.
  • Intratextual linking refer to another annotation within the same text.
  • Different types of documents side by side.
  • Color coding of annotations.
  • Filtering within groups.
  • Pedagogy at scale – large numbers of users.
  • Creating a static display
  • Public static version of a document

PDFs appear to work! Burke-DefinitionofMan.pdf(73.9 KB)

To be clear, I mean that you can post PDFs to this support forum – useful if you want to share syllabi and the like. Annotation Studio itself does not yet support PDF content, but will in the near future.

TL;DR: Annotation Studio does now support import of text content from PDFs that contain a text layer. There are a large number of documents that people have in PDF format, for which Annotation Studio will work well. There are an equal or larger number of PDFs that won’t.

This doesn’t mean it supports PDF formatting or images, but that if your PDF started out life as a Word Document or a text file (and was subsequently converted to a PDF), it should be possible to import the content of that file (minus the formatting).

If your document started out life as a piece of paper, and was scanned, it probably won’t work, unless the scan was of a high quality, the text was formatted simply and was extremely clear, AND the document was OCR’ed (was run through an Optical Character Recognition process) after scanning. If all three of those criteria are met, there’s a chance of your content being imported successfully.

See this post for more details.