How to Upload Images into Annotation Studio

While you cannot annotate images in Annotation Studio, you can still upload images and annotate the text around them.

You can upload an image into Annotation Studio two ways.

Method One: MS Word Document
Perhaps the easiest way is to upload a MS Word document with images into Annotation Studio. For example, I cut and pasted the text in the MS Word document below from an article in the Wall Street Journal. After I pasted in the text, I then copied and pasted the images from the article into my MS Word document. Once it was in the MS Word document, I could edit the images and text to my heart’s content.

I then uploaded this document into Annotation Studio.

Method Two: Paste Directly Into Annotation Studio
You can also copy and paste text and images directly into Annotation Studio. For example, I copied the entire text of an article from the Wall Street Journal, complete with its images, and pasted it directly into Annotation Studio.

Using either method, the document with the images will be uploaded into Annotation Studio.

Please note, however, you cannot upload images in a PDF file at this time.