Getting students into classes

I am trying to use annotation studio with an online class; I have created my account, uploaded the document and shared it with two groups, but so far, none of my students have been able to make themselves part of my groups. Can someone help me figure out what is going on?

Hi @smsmith,

There are basically two ways to add students to groups/classes:

  1. They need to add a class name at the time they register for Annotation Studio, i.e. entering your group/class name into the “Class” field. It´s important to hit return after entering the class name so that the class name appears in a blue box.
  2. Students can add the class under their “My Profile” section. They just need to enter your class under “Classes” and hit return so that the name appears in a blue box.

The documents that you shared with the two groups need to have the same class/group names attached to them. You can add this information either during the document creation process or afterwards by editing the document form.

Hope this helps,