Getting stuck in and signing up students

I’ve been hunting for a facility like this for some time so I’m really glad I found this.

I’ve created a group, uploaded a document and have consulted the user guide - but still not totally sure how I can now link and assign students to a specific class/group. Do they have to register in the same way I did?

Also I notice that my document has yet to be ‘assigned’. Does this mean that my account is yet to be approved?

Finally, is there any distinction between a ‘class’ and a ‘group’ (i.e. does one become a subset of the other) or to the perform in much the same way?


Hi @petertajones!

Very glad you found us, too! Happy to help on this.

  1. Yes, users must register, with the same group you used (group must be identical to work).

  2. On your dashboard, until your account and a document are assigned to the same class, you won’t see anything in your document widget except under your “Created” documents if any.

Users and documents can both be assigned to classes, by editing the user or document in question, and adding the group value to it. Users can edit their own accounts, but not others’ accounts. Documents can be edited by their owners only, by clicking edit from the list at /documents.

Note that in all cases, there’s a somewhat unintuitive requirement, which is that you must hit the enter key on the keyboard before saving/updating the user or document.

I hope that gets you started. Let us know if you have further questions!


/cc: @Schnepper

Also, to answer your question about classes vs. groups, classes allow users to share documents, groups are exclusively used to filter annotations on a document. Otherwise, they’re added/managed in the same way. Groups don’t apply to documents.

Thanks for you help with this. I worked out that the problem was that documents were only published in draft form - all is now resolved. I’m trying the annotation software with my class this week, so will keep you updated with progress.

Is there yet a way to present an annotated document embedded within a blog? I’m just thinking of ways I can display/ showcase this software to my convenor during or after the course… Is it possible for an unregistered user to view an annotated document publicly?

There is not a way yet, but @jamiefolsom is working on it. We hope to have this option available soon.

Having similar trouble. My students have signed up using the correct affiliation (same as mine) and the right course code. I’ve assigned a document to their course, but they can’t find the document. I signed up as a student to try it myself in my own class, and I can’t see the document there, either. What amd I doing wrong?

Hi @janeite1990 – would you be able to provide me with the URL to a document you’re trying to share, along with the name of the group? Could be you’re not succeeding in entering the group name into your profiles, a problem others have had, that’s due to the fact that you have to hit enter in the field when you enter the group name, and before clicking submit. Thanks!