Export capabilities

Hi Jamie–
What are the capabilities of Annotation Studio for exporting and saving annotations once they have been made? Thanks again,
–Chris Francese

Hi @cfrancese,

We’re working on a self-service export feature, which will allow export of annotations. In the meantime, if you have a particular set of annotations you’d like to have exported, one of us can help you with that.

I see that you are faculty at Dickinson, and I would imagine that you are interested in seeing the annotations by your own students? If you would post the URL of the document in question, we can get them exported for you today.



cc @Schnepper

Thank you very much. We have several existing text annotation projects at Dickinson and more in development. Right now I’m just taking Annotation Studio for a spin so I can better understand how it works.I see the obvious potential for class projects, and scholarly work as well. It’s a lovely interface. One of our main concerns is sustainability, of course, and export is important for that. I’d love to see what an export looks like from this document, if you have a moment to do it: http://app.annotationstudio.org/documents/a-girl
Thank you again for all your help!

Sure thing, will do. One thing to keep in mind vis-a-vis sustainability is that Annotation Studio is open source, so even if long term, either we’re not hosting it, or our service doesn’t work for you, you can host it yourself, and not worry that the system would ever become unavailable.

That is great news. Do you happen have any stats about your current user base? I went looking on the internet but couldn’t find anything. I realize you got going in 2012 and are expanding now. You are working with secondary schools as well as colleges and universities, yes? All the best,

Our communications officer, @Schnepper can fill you in on those details. We have seen steady growth over the last couple of years.

Hi, I don’t know if my question is related to this category of "Export capabilities"
but I wonder if it would be possible to access the annotation database using a programming interface e.g. JSON or similar.

Best regards

Hi @fbuendia,

Sorry of the delayed reply. Currently, we don’t have a way to export Annotations via the UI or an API. However, we have received several requests along these lines and will provide an export function in a future version. Currently, we can only do this on the backend. Let us know if you need a specific set of annotations.