Document Conversion Problem

I uploaded two Word (.docx) files; both show up under my “Created” tab in “Documents” as they should. However, when I click on the titles, a dialog box opens saying “Please wait” while the conversion takes place. Waited quite a long time (5-10 minutes–mercifully, no wheel-of-doom to watch) but nothing happened. I’m a newbie to this platform; I believe I followed all the procedures correctly, but don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue without advice. Thanks!

The Word conversion process works best with documents that don’t contain images, tables, footnotes, or extensive formatting. Sometimes, the automatic conversion process cannot complete the task when trying to extract the text from complex Word documents. Experiment with stripping out images, tables, footnotes, or extensive formatting before uploading a Word document. You can always edit the resulting HTML document in the document editor.

Thanks @fendt for your reply! The test document I was trying to upload was just a small and simple Word file with minimal formatting (tabs and some different font sizes). Following your suggestion, though, I stripped ALL formatting out, but still get the same issue at the “conversion” stage. I also tried the other option for creating a new document: cutting and pasting the contents of the file into the box provided. Initially that seemed promising as the data showed up as it should in the box, but again, when I clicked on the file title from my “Created” files page, a blank dialog box shows up–and then nothing happens, no “conversion” takes place. Kinda like putting your quarter into the candy machine, but nothing comes out…

Any further suggestions for things to try? Feels like there’s some sort of basic software disconnect here, though my machine and software appears to meet the requirements described by the creator/curators of the platform.

@xmas. We did some more testing on our side and discovered that there is indeed a problem with the document conversion process. We’ll fix it as soon a possible and get back to you. Very sorry for the inconvenience.