Creating Chapters in a Document: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating chapters for your documents in Annotation Studio is actually quite simple. A little basic HTML knowledge will get you quite far. However, if you are unfamiliar with HTML, this step-by-step guide should allow you create chapters.

Helpful Hint: Because the text and chapters field boxes on the document upload screen are so small, I find it easier to add in the tags for chapters in a document outside of Annotation Studio. Any text editor will do (Word, Text Editor, etc.). For reference, I am using Text Wrangler. This way, I have a much larger view of the document I am working with. It is not necessary, but I do find it convenient.

Step One
Create two documents in Text Wrangler: one for the text and another for the chapters. We are going to work with the chapter document first.

Step Two
Paste in your chapter list into Text Wrangler.

Step Three
Add in chapter links with the following tag:

<li><a href="#2HCH0001">Chapter Title</a></li>

Remember, each chapter tag needs its own unique name, which is why I have increased each name (e.g. 2HCH0001) by a factor of one for each chapter. Also, do not forget the “#.”

Step 4
Paste in the text into the second document created in Text Wrangler.

Step Five
Add the chapter links into the text at the appropriate place with the following tag:

<a name="2HCH0001" id="2HCH0001"></a>

Remember, each tag needs to correspond with the chapter tag created in the chapter document. For example, Chapter Twelve’s, “One the Watch,” tag was “2HCH00013.” Therefore, the tag in the text document will read <a name="2HCH00013" id="2HCH00013"></a>. Also, the tag should precede the title of the chapter in the text. For example:
Correct: <a name="2HCH00013" id="2HCH00013"></a> Chapter Twelve
Incorrect: <a name="2HCH00013" id="2HCH00013">Chapter Twelve</a>

Step Six
Copy and paste these documents from Text Wrangler into the appropriate text fields in Annotation Studio. The text document should be pasted into the “Text” field, the chapter document into the “Chapter” field.

Remember: You must switch to HTML mode in both fields. You do this by hitting the “</>” button on the top left of each field box.

Step Seven
Add in the metadata, groups, etc… Publish the document. I recommend initially publishing the document in “Draft” mode to make sure that the document is loading correctly. If you have followed these steps, it should be. However, I find I often have misnumbered a chapter or made some other mistake. By keeping the document in “Draft” mode, it is easy to correct the mistake and not have to repeat several steps.

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