Could not search store for/create annotations

My colleague and I are testing out Annotation Studio as a potential tool for use with our faculty. However, when I go to look at a document, immediately at the top I get an error message that says,
“Sorry could not search the store for annotations.” In addition, when I go to annotate something, as soon as I hit Save, I get an error message that indicates, “Sorry could not create annotations”.

I noticed some of the other posts that mentioned mismatched credentials and I wondered if perhaps that fact that I have two accounts might be interfering. I had made two in order to test it out between the two. At this point they are affiliated with completely different emails/usernames. My colleague has not had any of these problems. I’m on Mac and have tried Chrome, Firefox ,and Safari and I get the same issues for both. Could/would I need to delete one of these accounts? Or could something else be the issue? We’ve tried this out on Windows and another Mac too and in those cases this error message did not come up for my colleague. We are also just using the public site.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Hi @maybayny!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Having two accounts shouldn’t matter. Have you set up your own instance of the tool, or are you using our hosted version?

If it’s public, would you be able to send me a link to the page where you’re seeing the issue?



HI Jamie!

Thanks for your prompt reply. It is on the hosted version. Here are links to the pages where I get these error messages. I’ve also included some screen shots as well. To confirm, javascript is in fact enabled.

After I open up a public document or one of my own, I get an error message on this page: An image is also provided (Image 1) to show you the message.

After I try to save an annotation, I got an error message which appears at top of page on this page (See image 2 to see error message)


Hi @maybayny,

I am not having trouble with that document, which makes me suspect that something in your browser is causing the problem.

If you haven’t already, try turning off plugins, esp virus scanners, javascript blockers, try logging out/back in, try opening a new “incognito window” in Chrome.

If you’d like to tell me what your username is, I’d be glad to investigate further for you.



Hi Jamie,

So far, I haven’t been able to isolate the issue on my own computer (Mac) and/or browser. However, I did use the program successfully on another machine (Windows) and it worked in both Chrome and Firefox. I will also test out on another Mac and perhaps just compare browser settings between the my Mac and the other one – which I know will work since we tested out on that one last week and my colleague had no problems. I’ve gone through your browser suggestions but haven’t been able to isolate the issue just yet on my own machine but feel I’m getting close! I’ll keep you posted! If any other suggestions in the meantime that will be great!

Thanks for your help :smile:



Hi there, I am also having the same issue. I cannot save my annotations or view my other classmates or groups annotations. I have made many annotations on the document "Chapter 5 “On Property” in Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government, yet cannot see any of them and I have an assignment due which concerns me. I am using Google Chrome, should I use a different browser? I keep receiving the same error message as mentioned earlier “Sorry we could not search the store for annotations.” Hope you can help, thank you for your time.

Hi @nicoleanastas92,

I am sorry that you are having trouble. We had an issue with one of our providers late last week and have been working on solving the issue. We now have a fix and it should be online shortly, restoring full functionality to Annotation Studio. I’ll post an update when everything is working fine again. (See also my post Brief outage due to technical changes at one of our service providers)

Sorry for the inconvenience.