Can't see annotations


I’ve created a document “Born a Crime” and I am not able to see student annotations. One student wrote to let me know that she was not able to see her own annotations as well.

When I open the document, I get a warning sign that reads: “Couldn’t get auth token”. And when I click on the annotation filters, I get another warning that says: “Sorry we could not search the store for annotations”.

Could someone help me figure out what’s going on? Is there something I missed in setting up the document and assigning the groups?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hello again. Related to not being able to see annotations: some students have shown me a couple of issues that they’re experiencing. Some can save their annotations and share them just fine. Others get warnings letting them know that the annotation “can’t be saved.”

Still others who use tablets don’t see the annotation menu pop up when they highlight text. They get the tablet’s Os menu.

If anyone would be able to help, it would be appreciated. If I can’t get the site to work by next week I will have to give up using AS entirely.