Can't save or view annotations


My students are having trouble saving and viewing their annotations, 2 of the URLs below. The can read the documents, so I assume they have joined the correct group/class. Have read through earlier similar posts, but helpful suggestions there don’t seem to resolve my issue.

I’ve instructed them to click the “Allow my groups to view this annotation” box before saving their annotations, and it doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Also, I can filter annotations to see groups and classes, but still none are viewable. (I don’t have the option to view “All”, like earlier posters here could, but perhaps that was an earlier version of the Studio?)

Would be grateful for any further suggestions! Thanks

Hi @Jalviz,

I am sorry that you are having trouble. I just checked the system and all your student annotations seem to be stored: 13 annotations on "Funke - On “The Climate of History” and 5 on "O’Neil- On “The Climate of History”. Does this sound correct? However, there is indeed a problem on the system that prevents your students and yourself to see more than one annotation on each text. We’ll look into the issue as soon as possible and get back to you.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, that does sound about right, thank you for looking into it so quickly, I’ll await further instruction

Hi @Jalviz and @fendt,

On both documents, I see a number of annotations, throughout the text.

The following are important:

  • People must mark annotations as visible to groups.
  • People must be in the same groups before annotations were either created or updated.
  • Changing one’s groups after the fact has no effect on existing annotations, until/unless one opens/re-saves any annotations one wishes to share.
  • People may delete their own annotations.

@fendt, recall that for @Jalviz to see all annotations regardless of group or visibility, he must be made an admin by an admin; no one is by default.

Let me know,


Hi @Jalviz (and @jamiefolsom),

We just tested both documents, made annotations with different visibility settings and everything seems to be working properly. Would you mind checking again?

Hi @fendt and @jamiefolsom,
thanks for the quick follow-up. Everything is now working fine.

Was the issue students not marking their annotations as visible to groups? Or something else on their end that I can address in class for the future? Many thanks

Hi @Jalviz,

There might have been some brief interruption on our end. As Jamie noted in his reply earlier, just make sure that:


Hi, my name is Felix and I’m a new user of AnnotationStudio.
I was testing the tool but trying to annotate a sample document, the system always returns me a (popup) message:
"Sorry we could not search the store for annotation"
and then, annotations are not stored.

Any idea?

Hi Felix @fbuendia,

We are currently experiencing a brief outage because one of our service providers that supports the storing of annotations made technical changes on their system. We are currently upgrading Annotation Studio accordingly and should be back up and running by Friday at the latest.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.