Cannot see others' annotations or annotate their docs

I have created a document ( and shared all my annotations with the group “Michael Field.” I would like to share the doc and my annotations with other users of Annotation Studio in that group. But another user in that group, ([email protected]) cannot see my annotations (he has clicked all the buttons at the side to allow one to see all annotations), nor can I see annotations on a document he created in a group I am a member of, nor can I annotate that test document he created. [email protected] is in the group Michael Field, but cannot see the document mentioned above. His document is called “Dickinson Test” in the group “dickinson.” I can see his document, but not edit it or annotate on it, nor can I see his annotations. Just to be clear, we have both clicked on the gear box to make sure all annotations are visible. Can you tell me the correct procedure for creating a document to be collaboratively edited by a group? Thanks for your wonderful interface!

Hi @cfrancese!

Sorry you’re having trouble!

I have inspected your annotations on A Girl. While it’s hard to be certain, it appears that you and [email protected] are both doing everything right.

I’ve joined that group, and reloaded the page, and I can now see your annotations. Bear in mind that if at any point you change your group memberships (on your user profile), that that doesn’t change which groups your annotations belong to.

Try opening and saving your existing annotations, and ask your classmate to do the same, and let me know if that doesn’t rectify the issue.

Also, even once you’ve done both of those things, you may have to refresh the document page to get the annotations reloaded with your new groups included.



Also, if there are a number of people at Dickinson using Annotation Studio, we can offer you a hosted private subdomain (at no charge for now – we may eventually need to charge a fee to cover hosting costs).

Your documents, users and annotations would not be moved over, so you would be starting fresh, but many other institutions have taken advantage of this, to keep things separate from the more public app.


That sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for the speedy response and the generous offer!

I have a related question. I’ve created a document, added comments myself, and given it to my students to annotate. I can see my own comments or theirs, but there’s no All button to see everyone’s comments simultaneously. What am I missing?

Hi @dboyk. I can currently see a total of 22 annotations on the poem. You might want to check that you and your students put the same class name into the “Class” field in your profiles (and not into the group field). Also make sure that the spelling is identical across all users. I can see that some used “Tongue and Territory” (the actual class name) and others used “tongue & territory” in their class affiliation. Let me know if this helps solve the problem.

I also see 22 in total, but only if I add up the annotations I made with the ones my students made. When I hit the gear button, my options for filtering are “Me,” “Groups,” and “Classes.” There’s no “All” button, so I can see either my annotations or my students’, but not both at the same time. I would also like my students to be able to see all of them simultaneously - is that not possible?

Thanks for letting me know about the class affiliation. I’d like to suggest the solution of being able to invite students to belong to the class, and also being able to send them a registration link with the class already filled in.