Bin/setup failing on local installation at final command

I’m trying to get a local copy of annotation-studio running and pulled a copy from git following the instructions in the

During ./bin/setup rake is failing at rake db:test;prepare.

Created user: [email protected], password: password
Created AdminUser: '[email protected]', password: password
Created user: [email protected], password: password
Created AdminUser: '[email protected]', password: password
We seeded the default 'public' schema and the following default tenants:

If you point one of those tenant names at your running rails app as a domain,
apartment will switch you to the separate contexts. So, by default:

www.localhost -> switches to the 'www' tenant
localhost -> uses the default 'public' schema
        [WARNING] - The list of tenants to migrate appears to be empty. This could mean a few things:

          1. You may not have created any, in which case you can ignore this message
          2. You've run `apartment:migrate` directly without loading the Rails environment
            * `apartment:migrate` is now deprecated. Tenants will automatically be migrated with `db:migrate`

        Note that your tenants currently haven't been migrated. You'll need to run `db:migrate` to rectify this.
[deprecated] I18n.enforce_available_locales will default to true in the future. If you really want to skip validation of your locale you can set I18n.enforce_available_locales = false to avoid this message.
rake aborted!
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::SyntaxError: ERROR:  zero-length delimited identifier at or near """"

Tasks: TOP => db:test:load => db:test:purge
(See full trace by running task with --trace)
./bin/setup: 1: ./bin/setup: 1: not found

Please note I modified bin/setup to use the bundle exec versions that were commented out as I was getting stack level too deep errors running rake outside of bundle. Any ideas how to proceed? Is this last step fatal to actually running?

Just to see what happened I did bundle exec foreman start -f and I’m able to access the Annotations API at port 3000. Are there any other steps to access the application assuming I want to keep this local as opposed to on heroku?

Hi @alandtse,

It appears that /bin/setup was not updated to support the latest version of the Apartment gem. Let me have a look at that. You might want to just tweak that part of the setup script, to accommodate Apartment’s new syntax in the meantime.