Annotations aren't saved

One of my students is having an interesting problem. She can select text, but instead of the little text icon above her selected text, she gets a separate box in the lower right hand corner of the screen. When she clicks on that box, the annotation box that appears looks right. However, the annotations that she types are not saved properly. Sometimes nothing is saved, sometimes just one letter or one word.

We tried a different computer (a dell in our lab), and she had no problem with saving the annotations, so it seems to be her laptop, which is a Lenovo idea pad, specifically the u430 touch. She’s using Chrome on the Lenovo, and hasn’t tried other browsers.

For now, she’s using the college’s computer lab to type her annotations, but I’d like to figure this out so she can use her laptop.
Any ideas?

Thanks for your question! We do actually know what is causing this, as we had this same issue a few weeks ago. I think it has to do with the particular device she is using. Our application sees her Lenovo laptop as a mobile device (like a tablet or phone), and gives her the “mobile-friendly” UI, which is also somewhat “desktop-unfriendly”.

My recommendation in her case, since we probably can’t make accommodations in the software for her specific different device, would be to use another browser, and if necessary, another computer if she can.

An alternative workaround would be for her to explicitly set her browser to announce itself as a desktop browser (to “emulate” a different “user agent”, to use the technical terms, in case that’s helpful. We can walk her through that process if she likes). That’s the same solution as using a different browser, essentially.